About the College

Globally competitive, locally engaged. We offer an education that can take you anywhere and programs that serve the state of Nevada. 

About the College of Engineering

There's never been a better time to be an engineer in Nevada. Our state is taking bold steps to reinvent itself as a high-tech hub, and the College of Engineering plays a critical role in educating the students and supporting the research that will make that vision a reality. 

The William N. Pennington Engineering Building

Our new 100,000-square-foot engineering building will facilitate innovation in all five College of Engineering departments.

William N. Pennington Engineering Building Facts







What is an ISO-5 (Class 100) Cleanroom?

One of the key features of the building, the ISO-5 (Class 100) Cleanroom reduces air contaminants from up to 1,00,000 parts per cubic foot down to 100 and allows for research in biosensing and nanotechnology that is not otherwise possible in the state of Nevada. It facilitates research in materials science and engineering, chemical, biomedical, and mechanical engineering.

line drawing of William N. Pennington Engineering Building


The 100,000-square-foot William N. Pennington Engineering Building includes 40 laboratories, a Class 100 cleanroom, a large computer lab, a 200-student classroom, and 150 graduate workstations.

the William N Pennington Engineering Building viewed from the West

the William N Pennington Engineering Building viewed from the east

Our vision is to be nationally recognized as a leading institution in our class. We seek to be known for the quality of our education programs, our cutting-edge discoveries, our ability to transfer these innovative technologies, and the collegiality and inclusiveness of our faculty, students and staff.

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What we offer

Globally competitive education

Engineering is a global field, and we offer an education that allows our graduates to collaborate and compete around the world. We offer ABET-accredited degree programs, international exchange programs and high-quality research opportunities to prepare our graduates for a constantly evolving world of opportunities. 

Innovative research

We aim to become a catalyst for Nevada's economic diversification through our high-impact research programs. Our faculty are pioneering thinkers, pushing the boundaries of science and technology and developing innovative solutions to the most pressing issues of our time.

High-quality outreach

Educating engineers doesn't start in college. Our efforts to educate Nevada's technologically advanced workforce begins in elementary schools, with our K-12 outreach program.  Our vision for economic diversification and development is very much related to a well-planned, systematic outreach effort that prepares students to arrive at college academically prepared for -- and excited about -- studying engineering.

At a Glance

2,641 Undergraduate Students
Students in the Knowledge Center
320 Graduate Students
Dhanesh Chandra and a graduate student
17 Faculty Career Award Winners
Monical Nicolescu and a graduate student
$22 million Research grants in AY 2020
Shamik Sengupta

Are you ready to make a world of difference?

Join the College of Engineering students, faculty and alumni who are developing the ideas, techniques and technologies that change the world.