International exchange programs

Why study abroad? Today's engineers are often called on to solve problems with global impact. Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, and you'll develop some of the skills most valued by today's employers: independence, teamwork, leadership and adaptability.
International exchange students studying abroad

College of Engineering exchange programs

The College of Engineering has established international exchange programs with top technical universities worldwide to expose students to engineering in other cultures. Academic year, semester exchanges or summer programs are available on the links below.

How much does it cost?

It costs the same as the University of Nevada, Reno and to help with the costs, the College of Engineering offers $500 scholarships to eligible students participating in an exchange program! In an exchange program, you pay University of Nevada, Reno tuition and fees, and are generally exempt from tuition at your host university. You may have to pay some fees at your host university for student services, housing or other campus services. Check with OISS and your host institution for more specific information about program fees. You are responsible for your own travel and living expenses while abroad. 

Do I have to take classes in a foreign language?

No, foreign language classes are not required. English-language course offerings make study abroad accessible, and programs that span in length from a few weeks to one year allow you to customize your experience.

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