Project Management

Eligibility Criteria

To receive project management services, the awarded project must meet certain eligibility criteria and be approved by the Coordinator, ERO in coordination with the Project Manager. This criteria may include, but is not limited to, the following identifiers:

  • The total project award is $750,000 or higher; or
  • The total project award is less than $750,000 and includes:
    • One or more institutional/organizational subcontractors; and
    • Unique, complex or a large number of deliverables, as required by the Sponsor.

Available Support

Once a project is determined eligible, then the following project management services will be accessible by the University of Nevada, Reno Principal Investigator in consultation with the ERO Project Manager:

  • Monitoring and tracking of budget expenditures (including any cost share or matching funds)
  • Review of Invoices
  • Review/Submission of Progress Reports
  • Development of Financial Reports
  • Communication to subcontractors and consultants
  • Compilation of Project Performance Measures
  • Assistance with Unique Project Deliverables
  • Project Close-Out

Request Project Management Services

If you believe your project meets the criteria and would like to take advantage of the available support, please fill out the Project Management Request Form.