College of Engineering faculty member creates global research opportunities for students

Ravi Subramanian, associate professor of chemical engineering, won the Global Engagement award from the University

In this photo from 2017, Subramanian celebrates being appointed the Fulbright Distinguished Chair with Ambassador Charles C. Adams, Jr., right.

Subramanian with Fulbright Ambassador Charles C. Adams, Jr., smiling for the camera at an awards reception.

Associate professor of chemical engineering, Ravi Subramanian, won the Global Engagement award from the University in May.

One recipient of the award is selected annually, and they are recognized for their outstanding contributions to international programs, program development, academic and global or international research and teaching at the University.

Subramanian has built his career by researching on nano-structured materials for solar energy utilization, developed inorganic materials for application to solar energy utilization and fuel cells, and clean fuel production.

He has also been working to develop programs with the College of Engineering as a way to get students engaged in engineering near and far. As part of the Fulbright Scholars Program, Subramanian spent several months in Finland researching sustainable materials and teaching students about solar energy, its benefits and challenges. He also previously has been recognized by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany.

“These [travel] opportunities allow for students to get experienced with a lot of technologies, especially on a global scale,” Subramanian said. “We’re on the cutting edge of technology. We need to pay attention and do our part.”

Subramanian also said that spearheading solar energy and research and exporting it to different places is a good way to collaborate in a reasonable amount of time.

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