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Cheryll Glotfelty, Professor of English

The author wonders if Monkey Puzzle Trees will be a worthy addition to the University Arboretum; on April 29, the Arboretum Board members will find out when they plant one.


Carina Black, Executive Director, NNIC

Northern Nevada International Center approved by U.S. Department of State to resettle refugees not just from Syria and Iraq but also from Colombia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan.


Darrin McCarthy, AT/EIT Specialist, DRC

If we are to create a campus environment that is welcoming and accessible for all, sometimes we must start with an important thought experiment.


Ken Coll, Dean of the College of Education

As a state we need to focus on both short- and long-term solutions for the sake of our schools, our children, our economy, and our future.


Marc Johnson, University President

As “NSights” launches, it is important to remember that dialogue, on all of the issues college campuses face today, is at the heart of what we do at the University.