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Remembering Jim Trexler

A celebration of the late professor of geological sciences and engineering's life will be held on Aug. 30 at Rancho San Rafael Park.

As many of you know, Jim Trexler passed away on May 15 after a long battle with cancer.

We lost a dear friend, superb scientist, and thoughtful educator.   Jim touched many lives in his 30 years as a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering. He was a patient, thoughtful mentor who cared deeply about students and how best to organize curriculum so as to provide the most rewarding educational experience. He was patient, attentive, and selfless with both his students and friends. Many of his students became his lifelong friends.  

Jim was also passionate about geology and produced many significant contributions on multiple topics. These include dozens of publications on the evolution of Neogene basins in the Great Basin region, the tectono-stratigraphy and timing of late Paleozoic deformational events, and the implications of both for the tectonic evolution of the western Cordillera. His enthusiasm was inexhaustible and contagious; he has many contributions in press and in review. His specialty was sedimentology/stratigraphy, and he loved to search for grains of evidence of past tectonic events hidden in the layers of rock. His work touched many disciplines and he collaborated widely. Although his science was primarily academic and inquiry-driven, his results were significant to projects with and for the USGS, hydrocarbon industry, mining industry, Washoe County Department of Water Resources/TMWA, and others.  

On a personal level, Jim was a kind, considerate, and caring individual with a quick wit and unassuming nature. He spoke quietly and did not seek the limelight, letting his many contributions speak for themselves. He was a devoted family man, dedicated to his two children (Susie and Chad) and his wife and scientific collaborator (Pat Cashman). We learned a lot from Jim, from his science, pedagogy, personal compassion, and steadfast courage.  

We miss Jim, but his professional contributions and endearing character continue to live on in the many individuals that he touched.  

Please join us on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 (4-7 p.m.) at the Peavine Pavilion in Rancho San Rafael Park for a celebration of Jim's life. This celebration is hosted by the Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering. For questions, please contact Marie Russell (phone: 775-784-6050, marierussell@unr.edu

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