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Say 'yes' to new experiences

College of Business graduate Hannah Hudson looks back on her time at the University and the lessons she's learned

“I don’t want to go to UNR, it's just going to be like high school all over again.” That is the sentence you would’ve heard leaving my mouth (followed by a bad attitude) if you had asked me how I felt about coming to UNR four and a half years ago. As a Reno native, I know this feeling speaks to a lot of other high school students from the Reno area as well. Going to UNR is just kind of an expectation... I mean it's a good school, great price, and it’s close to home, but EVERYONE I know goes there, what’s so cool about that? I was 18 and wanted a new environment with entirely new people and I wasn’t going to get that at UNR. I swallowed my disappointment as some of my friends flaunted their out-of-state acceptances and figured it would only be four boring years and then I could do something cool.

The good news? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

There have been countless highlights of my undergraduate career here at UNR and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share just a few of them with you, but I hope the biggest takeaway of it all is that you should always put yourself out there and say yes to new experiences, even if they scare you.

Hannah Hudson outside the College of Business

I began my journey at the LLC residence hall, even though my parents lived in the area they were kind enough to fund my living situation on campus, and let me tell you it made ALL the difference and I couldn’t recommend it enough even if you live only a few miles from UNR. Now I know what you’re thinking already “The LLC…isn’t that the academic dorm? The NERD dorm?” And to that I say, my bathroom was huge so I don’t care! But seriously don’t judge a book by its cover, although we all had amazing ACT scores, we also knew how to have a good time. I went with a random roommate selection for my first year, and trust me I am aware of the horror stories out there – but I definitely lucked out.

It was kind of scary to go outside of my comfort zone, particularly when I had the option to room with some of my high school friends, but I knew that if I wanted to make this experience different I would have to put myself out there. And I am so glad I did! My roommate quickly became (and still is) one of my best friends. We both participated in the NevadaFit program, another part of my freshman experience that I just cannot recommend enough.

I even met one of my other best friends on the first night of BizFit. It was so impactful that we both actually continued on to be NevadaFit mentors a few years after. I honestly just wanted to do it because I was able to move into my dorm early but it paid off because all of those awkward, grueling, forced, ice breakers actually helped me to meet tons of people, and by night 3 I knew almost everyone on my floor and got to spend time with students in my major that I would continue to see for the next four years. There were so many planned activities for all of the freshmen and as cheesy as some of them sounded I made myself go to all of them and I have some pretty great memories because of it.

This eventually led to my quick involvement in campus life. After testing the waters for a few weeks to see how my new college life was going, I realized I had so much more time than I did in high school to participate in quite literally anything I wanted. I eventually joined the intramural flag football team coached by my RA, ran for a position as the wing leader for my business floor in the LLC, and got accepted into the internship program for the ASUN judicial branch. This really helped me feel like a part of the campus community and it was nice to meet new people who shared the same passions as I did.

After a great experience in ASUN I decided toward the end of my freshman year to run for a position in the ASUN Senate, representing the College of Business. I was terrified, I was the only candidate out of 6 others who wasn’t in Greek life, and I was the only girl! After 6 long weeks of campaigning, painting my own signs in my dorm room (and trying to not stain the carpet), and talking to multiple clubs and organizations – I won first chair to represent my college! To this day, that remains one of my proudest accomplishments. I thought there was no way things could get better after that.

Again, I was wrong. (A constant theme I’m got used to)

Hannah Hudson with a small kangaroo

My freshman year set me up for success throughout the rest of my time at UNR, I found my passion for leadership and service, and continued on to hold many positions within ASUN, Pre-Dental Society, Delta Sigma Pi, NevadaFit Program, and Blue Key Honor Society.

I was also able to realize my passion for traveling as I participated in the Nevada Global Business Program. Through this program (and the generous funding of my parents, thank you Mom and Dad!) I was able to travel to London, Singapore, Toronto, and Australia with my friends, all while getting credit for my upper division management courses. I would need much more than a 1000 word limit to truly explain the impact these trips had on me but to keep it short, those trips are some of the best life experiences I’ve ever had the privilege of doing.

Most importantly I discovered my interest for a career in the field of dentistry. I had finally discovered my purpose, and my “why”. Why I was going to school, why I had to push through hard classes and long nights filled with studying, tears, and venti Starbucks. I gained direction and was able to incorporate both science and business into my field of study to help pursue my dreams of becoming a dentist.

The rapid character development that I have experienced in my time here has been insane, but I am so thankful for it all. I have had my highest of highs and my lowest of lows in undergrad and through it all I have come out on top. I couldn’t be more proud to be a WolfPack Alum. And I wouldn't change my experience for the world.

After graduating here at UNR, and receiving her B.S in Business Management, Hannah will be taking
a gap year before attending dental school. She hopes to shadow and assist during this time to
expand on her knowledge base in the field of dentistry. Hannah aims to educate others on the
importance of oral health, and build long lasting smiles that promote confidence in any individual!

Hannah Hudson
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