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The pause

Student Health Center Director Dr. Cheryl Hug-English reflects on the current situation on campus and in the community in this poem

The world shifted
The days grew long
The classrooms emptied
The students were gone 

Fewer horns
And far less traffic
An eerie quiet
As people grew sick 

Decisions made
And difficult choices
Worried faces
And tired voices 

Huddled groups
Became single dances
And social gatherings
We couldn't take chances

And yet...

Dogs were walked
And smiles were shared
From across the street
Waves showed they cared 

Connections were made 
In creative ways
With laughing with singing
With virtual games 

Together in strength
In a separation of time
Not alone  
But a collection of minds

This is yet a pause...
A challenge to be sure
Yet each new wrinkle
We will endure 

A time to adapt
A time to evolve
A time for  ideas
And problems to solve

With kindness and compassion
And resilience to cope
We will get through this 
With joy and hope

Cheryl Hug-English
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