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The Mask

In the time of COVID, is a mask really a mask -- or perhaps something more?

I see your colors
Your creative seal
Your efforts to make
A covering to heal

The crinkle of your eyes
Your sense of style
That mask can’t eclipse
Your beautiful smile

This mask is not
To hide behind
It is a gracious
Kind and helpful sign

This mask, it matters
As it is adorned
A sign of strength
Each day it is worn

You are brave, you are strong
With a will that is true
You are making the efforts
To help us all through

Your mask is a sign
We are in this together
We are working to end this
This will not be forever

Your mask has uncovered
Your true inner truth
Your concern and your caring
For elders and youth

You have made the tough choices
You have changed your routine
You have stayed home for all of us
Though harder than it seemed

Until the time comes
I can see your full face
I thank you for helping
For your sacrifice and grace

©Cheryl Hug-English


Cheryl Hug-English
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