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International Women's Day Walk the Quad: A March 8 celebration of women

Walk the Quad at 7 a.m. on Thursday, March 8 to help celebrate International Women's Day

In spring 2016, I realized too late that International Women's Day, always on March 8, was coming and I knew of no planned celebrations at the University or in the greater Reno community.  Over 50 percent of the world population is female, and women do amazing things everyday -- sometimes in the face of great adversity -- but we weren't celebrating this special day.  I resolved then to make sure there would be a celebration to attend in 2017. 

Fast forward to fall 2016 and gatherings of University Women, an affinity group of academic and administrative faculty on campus.  I floated the idea of a celebratory event involving walking the Quad, an historic location on campus where the University's raison d'etre occurs every spring: Commencement.  The event needed to be one that everyone could attend -- students, staff, faculty, family members, community members, everyone.  Interest started to grow.  

For many of us, however, events immediately after work can be difficult to attend. Family and home duties call, the dog needs to be let out, and dinner doesn't cook itself (at least at my house). If the event were held BEFORE most people's work day started, however, more of us would be able to attend. And because the Quad is the perfect setting, a brisk morning walk of as few as a couple minutes long or as many as 60 minutes long would be just the ticket.  Add great music and one has the International Women's Day Walk the Quad!  

Our inaugural year was 2017. Thanks to Vice President of Student Services Shannon Ellis and Student Services, the first 100 participants received free University of Nevada, Reno International Women's Day T-shirts.  Thanks to Raymundo Silva and his crew, music was enjoyed by all. Thanks to Chief Diversity Officer Patricia Richard and Aubrey Flores, inspirational words of wisdom were available to all. And thanks to legal secretaries Cathy Bandoni and Michelle Ene in the Office of the General Counsel and Marketing & Communications, the word got out. We celebrated! The Walk was a hit!    

Celebrate International Women's Day again this year with us!  Bring your family, your students, your parents, your colleagues, your neighbors, your yoga teacher, your arborist, your car mechanic, your work-out buddy, your hair stylist, your barber, your friends -- everyone is welcome.  Our walk starts at the Quad at 7 a. m. on Thursday, March 8.  Walk a minute or walk an hour. Remember: One lap counts!

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