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Something to taco 'bout: Food on campus

A number of options await all types of users, expectations

The start of a new school year comes with many exciting changes to be aware of, especially with the food provided on campus. We here at Nevada Dining aim to provide you with healthy and fresh options at each of our dining locations, especially with the new and existing food we are providing. If you're a freshman you might have already heard of the Meal Trade option offered with a meal plan, but if you haven't, this is where you'll find out more about it.

New Food and Healthy Options

In several of our locations across campus, we have added some new, healthy, and flavorful foods for everyone to indulge upon. If you've been craving a refreshing açaí bowl with a multitude of delicious toppings stop by Sambazon at the Overlook. Not only are we now offering açaí bowls at the Overlook, but we have a whole new food concept called Urban Revolution providing you with rotisserie chicken, vegetables, mac and cheese, and so much more. How about some BBQ food? Come by Smoked located in the Works for some juicy brisket, pulled pork, coleslaw, and beans for a filling Lunch and/or Dinner. Don't worry; we still have the delicious food at our other dining locations if you haven't yet tried them or are a returning customer. Not only have we expanded our food options, but we've grown our sustainability standards to better the environment. We are now selling reusable straws at all of our dining locations to save the marine life by reducing the amount of plastic waste produced every day. Join the trend and get yourself one today!

Meal Trade

Meal trade is one of our newest changes to how students, faculty, admin, etc. are able to utilize their swipes on campus. In previous years your swipes could only be used at the Downunder Café and Downunder Café Store for meals and swipe outs, but now this isn't the case. If the meal trade sign is located outside of the unit, you can use this option there. So, what exactly is meal trade? Once a day, at any of our food locations you have the opportunity to use one of your swipes for a meal. Each location is different as to what qualifies for a meal, but this can be located on both our website https://dineoncampus.com/unr and each of the dining locations.

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