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USAC offers STEM scholarships for overseas study

Deadline to apply for USAC STEM scholarships is April 1

One of the most common myths that the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) addresses is whether or not there are adequate course options for STEM students who want to study abroad.

For University of Nevada, Reno students who are majoring or minoring in STEM, USAC and the University offer a variety of courses, as well as several scholarship opportunities that enable students to take their STEM studies overseas. USAC's STEM course offering span across the globe.

Classes available to students include general STEM, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Information Systems, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Science, Kinesiology, Health Science, Marine Science, Mathematics, Natural Resources, and Physics.  

One scholarship specifically for students majoring or minoring in STEM is the Dr. Meira Fields Study Abroad Scholarship. Students may be awarded up to $500 for a summer session and up to $2500 for a semester program.   The Fields Scholarship was established in 2014, and since then has awarded $60,000 to 51 recipients. 

As a scientist, Dr. Fields had a distinguished international career that lasted more than 40 years. She worked in Canada, England, Israel and the United States on joint research programs, including with the USDA and a grant through the World Health Organization.

This scholarship commemorates her research and academic work in STEM fields around the world and allows STEM students to continue their education outside of the United States.  Students can also apply for the USAC STEM Scholarship. The funding ranges from $750 for summer students to $1,000 for fall, yearlong and spring students.  

The University also provides a variety of college-specific scholarships that students can use during their time abroad. The funding ranges from $500 for summer students to $2,000 for fall, yearlong, and spring students.  The application deadline for students to apply for scholarships for USAC's Summer/Fall 2017 programs is April 1.

Students can learn more about these scholarships and other study abroad scholarships available on the USAC website.   Students can also visit the USAC office, located inside the Virginia Street Gym to speak directly with our scholarship coordinator, Derreck Calkins. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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