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COVID carousel

Director of the Student Health Center Dr. Cheryl Hug-English shares poetic gratitude for her 'UNR family' through all of 'the twists and the turns/That this virus brings'

COVID carousel

Our campus shines brighter
Seems alive once again
Sounds of laughter and learning
How long it has been

Backpacks and skateboards
Notebooks and phones
Winding down pathways
Class can’t be postponed

Our students are back
Staff and faculty too
With eager excitement
Freshmen make their debut

Study and research
Minds eager to grow
Showing colors of greatness
That soon overflow

COVID challenges us still
Yet with resolve and belief
We stay strong for each other
There will soon be relief

The COVID carousel spins
It seems without end
Getting dizzy with changes
That don’t want to bend

This ride as it circles
Can be bumpy with fear
With tangled frustrations
And little music to hear

Yet with testing, with vaxing
With masking for sure
With patience and grace
We will surely endure

Supporting each other
On this imperfect string
With the twists and the turns
That this virus brings

To our UNR family
Thanks for all that you do
It does not go unnoticed
For you are the glue

We are stronger together
Ideas that keep us on track
With energy and spirit
The Wolf Pack is back!

Cheryl Hug-English
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