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Everything's better in SUMMER SESSION

There are many advantages to taking Summer Session classes, including the most important – it's fun!

Why do students love taking classes in summer?

Classes are condensed - it's hard work, but students go "ALL IN," so they can learn and earn three or more credits in several weeks.

Students can take a class in the morning and still work in the afternoon or at night (or vice-versa) - or take a half day for Lake Tahoe (to study on the beach, of course!).

Class sizes are smaller than Fall/Spring classes - more one-on-one engagement with other students and faculty.

In summer 2018, there is no out-of-state tuition. Students (and parents) should put pencil to paper to calculate what that overall savings is - if a nonresident student takes three, six, nine, 12 or 15 credits in a summer ... that savings can really add up in terms of dollars (and you could feasibly graduate one semester earlier).

There are payment plans in summer. Three equal payments due May 18, June 18 and July 18. So, if you take a mini-session class, you still have three months to pay it (even though the class is over). Great way for students to plan finances!

Cool things happening this spring to gear up for Summer 2018!

Shopping for summer classes has begun. In MyNEVADA students will be able to organize their summer schedule and put classes in their shopping carts! See a preliminary glimpse of the classes that will be offered this summer and click on "Preview all Summer Classes."

Textbook cards for the Wolf Shop will be given out May 9 in the Continuing Education Building lobby starting at 8 a.m. $50 for your summer class books!

What is new for Summer 2018?

Do something major this Summer: Get your Business minor. The College of Business and Summer Session is launching a business minor that can be completed in the summer months (one or two summers, depending on the load students want to take). Why do we think getting a business minor is a wonderful idea? Because if you are majoring in something besides business, this minor will complement your field of study after you graduate. You will have gained real business knowledge that makes you more attractive to employers or more successful in managing your own business. More information is available at www.unr.edu/365/learning-options/summer-session/summer-business-minor

After May 21 hits ... SUMMER AND SUMMER SESSION FUN HAS BEGUN! Open to Students, Staff, Faculty and Community!

Free Wednesday music concerts on the Quad, 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Bring a picnic and enjoy live music and cooler temperatures beneath our historic trees.

Free Outdoor Movies & Popcorn Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on the lawn outside JCSU
Free BBQs on Thursday May 31, June 22 and July 27

Other advantages of Summer Session

Live on campus!! Dorm over from Spring, take a mini session class! Or check out Res Life opportunities in first and second sessions too. Walk to class, study in the KC ...

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