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Campaign to tell story of a University 'Powered by Knowledge'

Over the coming academic year, focus of marketing and communications will be on a University "Powered by Knowledge."

Gov. Brian Sandoval has charted a course toward what he calls "the new Nevada – a place of innovation, new and sometimes disruptive technologies, and policies that amplify Nevadans' innate desire to succeed." He posits that to be successful each government agency and, indeed, all of the State's vital institutions must "create a new Nevada while honoring and enhancing 150 years of success."

This provides context for my post. The Office of Marketing and Communications (MarCom) is launching a comprehensive awareness campaign this fall. The goal of the campaign is to convey to Nevadans the essential and fundamental role the University plays in improving the quality of life for everyone in the Silver State, and that our "New Nevada" is an economically diverse state whose citizens benefit substantively from the innovation and research happening at this and other institutions.

With good fortune, the Nevada voters and our legislators will understand the wisdom of funding higher education at greater levels so that the University – as an abundant source of new discovery, learning and engagement – can, in turn, make additional meaningful and enduring contributions to the state. 

The theme of our campaign is, "Powered by Knowledge."  This campaign will draw on the compelling stories that abound in our University community, among faculty, students, staff, and alumni, told in print and video across an array of media, social and marketing channels.

Our concept for video builds on the Powered by Knowledge theme and is called, "Knowledge in a Nanosecond," where faculty, students and others encapsulate their research, on camera, in a stingy 22 seconds.

We hope to make the case and motivate support for the University by focusing on ROI and outcomes, with an emphasis on the contributions made by the University community in research, diversifying our economy, workforce development, innovations in advance manufacturing, and through the provision of a remarkable student experience.

I invite you to go to PoweredBy.UNR.edu to see what's there and to consider if your story will help propel the New Nevada. If you think it will, please reach out to me at ThomasWhite@unr.edu

Thomas White is executive director of Marketing and Communications.

Thomas White