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End-of-semester resources are at the ready for students

Delivery of student services continues even during a time of challenge

I want to begin by acknowledging that this semester did not end like any of us might have predicted.  However, alternate operations for the campus have presented opportunities for all of us to be nimble in our thinking and flexible in our processes.  I hope that you have learned grace and empathy during the transition to learning, teaching, and working virtually.  With campus closed, many students may think that there are no support services available to them.  As we approach end of semester exams, projects, and presentations, I want to make sure that students know that people are on campus waiting to help them navigate personal and academic challenges.

In my role as the Dean of Students, it is common for me to receive inquiries from students and faculty about making connections to campus resources.  While the list of resources below is not exhaustive, it represents the most common referrals made by my office.  Please share these resources with students through your virtual discussion boards and in your personal interactions with students.  Although the resources are virtual, students need to be assured that campus professionals and student mentors are providing excellent services that can enhance their potential for success.  Please help me encourage students to use these valuable campus resources.

The University Tutoring Center will operate remotely using Zoom.

Office hours are: Monday thru Thursday8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Friday: 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Click here to contact the front desk

Click here to make an appointment

Click here for the PASS schedule

CHEM Help will be closed for the semester

Check the Physics Department website for Physics Help

For immediate information during office hours: Click here to contact the front desk

You can also contact us via email at: nevadatutoring@gmail.com.

The University Writing & Speaking Center is currently offering online synchronous (e.g., voice, video, and/or typed chat in real time) and asynchronous (i.e., submit a document and receive targeted feedback via email). Our consultations can be used for any reading, writing, or presentation related academic, personal, and professional projects.

Maureen McBride, the director of the Writing and Speaking Center, is also happy to host online workshops customized to individual requests. Her email address is mmcbride@unr.edu

If students want to find out more about campus-based resources or just to have someone to talk with, they can submit a request to touch base with a peer mentor using this form.

Pack Provisions is offering funds for students who need groceries. 

For students and families facing more complicated hardship, Jahahi Mazariego is a licensed social worker who can help you connect with additional community-based resources throughout the state and region. Ms. Mazariego can also offer support to undocumented students. Contact her atjmazariego@unr.edu or (775) 682-8984.

Counseling Services remains open and the therapists are using tele-therapy.  Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment.

Health Services is open and taking appointments for physical and mental health concerns.

CARES Act Funds for eligible students. To request CARES Act assistance, eligible students should complete this form.  You must have a successfully completed 2019-2020 FAFSA on file with the university in order to apply for these funds.  If you do not have a 2019-20 FAFSA on file, submit one immediately.  There may be other funds available through the Financial Aid Office.  For more information please visit the FAQ’s and any questions may be directed to Tim Wolfe in the Financial Aid Office at finaid@unr.edu.

There are ASUN emergency funds for international and undocumented undergraduate students currently enrolled in classes who are not eligible for the CARES Act funding.  These funds can be requested from the Dean of Students Office . 

If there are other concerns that negatively impact student persistence and success, students can reach out to my office directly at deanofstudents@unr.edu.  



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