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Radon Poster Contest an opportunity for Nevada youth who wish to win big

2019 Nevada Radon Poster Contest an opportunity for students to get creative, and further public's knowledge about radon

Do you know a youth, ages 9 to 14, who could create a poster to increase awareness on radon? Are you a youth in that age range who would like to win between $45 to $75 and fun promotional items? If you are a part of either group, this blog post is a surprise just for you.

The 2019 Nevada Radon Poster Contest is an opportunity for students to get creative and teach their peers and adults about what radon is, where it comes from, how it gets into homes, how it can cause lung cancer or the importance of testing one's house for the gas. This contest is offered by the Nevada Radon Education Program (NREP) and is sponsored by University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health to increase the public's awareness of the radioactive gas.

Radon is the primary cause of lung cancer for non-smokers and the second leading cause for smokers. Since the invisible and naturally occurring gas can raise a person's risk of developing one of the deadliest types of cancer, it is essential for students to portray radon in a factual and attention-grabbing way.
Poster entries will be judged by their accuracy, visual communication of the topic, reproducibility and originality. To win, contestants need to meet specific requirements for their work of art, such as producing an original artwork that contains no copyrighted images. A completed application must accompany any creation sent to NREP for the contest. Unsurprisingly, each youth is only allowed to submit one entry.

The best three entries win prizes for the students and their educators. First place wins $75 for the youth and $50 for their instructor. The second place winner will receive $60 and $35 for their educator. Third place gets $45 for themselves and $20 for their teacher. In addition to the money, both students and instructors win radon promotional items. The first place winner of the Nevada contest is entered into the National Radon Poster Contest, where the student will have the opportunity to win anywhere from $200 to $1,000.

NREP must receive all submissions at the Washoe County Cooperative Extension Office by 5 p.m. on Oct. 31. The Washoe Cooperative Extension is located at 4955 Energy Way, Reno, Nev. 89502. Any questions about the contest can be directed to Nadia Noel at 775-336-0252 or noeln@unce.unr.edu. To learn more about the surprisingly odorless gas that can get trapped in your house and cause lung cancer, visit www.RadonNV.com or call the Radon Hotline at 1-888-Radon10 (888-723-6610).

Nadia Noel