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The COVID puzzle

One of the campus' leading medical voices still has hope: 'We can and we will/Make this puzzle complete'

The COVID Puzzle

The pieces are scattered
In piles so high
Confusing and daunting
As hard as we try

Where are the corners
With all these small bits
Why can’t we make
These angles all fit

With thousands of questions
And answers so few
A tiring process
To find what is true

We start with one piece
A small little gain
That connects with another
An answer obtained

Sometimes it’s a struggle
The edges won’t bend
Positions need changing
And viewpoints to blend

Each piece brings us closer
To breaking the wall
Of this COVID mystery
That has affected us all

We can do this together
We can do this in sync
Learning more with each trial
As the pieces all link

There are still pieces missing
With gaps in our view
Yet the picture is forming
With knowledge and clues

This puzzle can not
Be assembled alone
It takes team work and effort
To unearth the unknown

We can and we will
Make this puzzle complete
This task in unnerving
But we will not retreat

Stay calm and stay hopeful
As this puzzle is made
The effects of this virus
Will soon start to fade

With courage and strength
With these angles and bits
Our world will heal
When the last piece finally fits 

Cheryl Hug-English
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