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Math, fun and food: It doesn't get any better

"Summer Math Series" features free weekly events to help apply math (and don't forget there is free drink and food!)

Hello all, this is my first blog about the Math Center, its FREE "Summer Math Series," and all the services that it provides. In addition to helping students conquer their math problems, we also like to make learning fun! This series is sponsored by 365Learning and made up of hands-on, math-related events.

These weekly events are held 4 p.m. Tuesdays in the Math Center, which is located on the third floor of the Pennington Student Achievement Center (PSAC).

They feature interesting ways to apply math, along with food and beverages (because math is much more fun with pizza, cupcakes, root beer floats, and more!).

The series is in its second year. It debuted last summer and was highly successful. We're happy to see repeat middle-school and high-school math geeks (never before has it been so cool to be one!), who bring new visitors from the community with them. Parents accompany many of the youngsters, which lowers the "intimidation" factor of a college campus for them, along with being greeted by our high­ energy, enthusiastic staff.

Don't miss out on the Math Center's next "Summer Math Series" event, "Piece of Pi!" Here's the lineup for the FREE events. They all are held at 4 p.m on Tuesdays in the Math Center, PSAC, Room 300:

• July 10: "Piece of Pie" - Don't miss out on this event! Estimate Pi by throwing Otter Pops off of PSAC's fourth-floor balcony- suck on one and test your throwing skills while you're at it - sounds interesting, right?

• July 17: Movie: "Moneyball" & Hot Dogs: Brad Pitt plays the general manager of the Oakland A's, who uses statistical data and analysis to build a winning team (based on a true story).

• July 24: "Pizza and Pendulums" - Enjoy a slice (or ad infinitum!) while you learn how to build a harmonograph.

• July 31: Shapes & Sherbert - No doubt it will be quite steamy (hopefully not too much humidity) outside, so drop by, cool off with a scoop of sherbert and learn how to create 3D polygons!

• Aug. 7: Movie: "Imitation Game" & Scones - Cambridge mathematics genius Alan Turing is tapped to help crack Nazi codes, including the Enigma, which was thought to be unbreakable (based on a true story).

• Aug. 14: "Pizza Pie & Abaci" - Learn how to become a whiz at mental math while you fill up on pizza.

Hope to see you all summer at our free events!

Before I go, I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with our tutors. They're focused, driven, mature, always willing to go above and beyond, and, of course, very bright. Because of these admirable traits and more, the students are terrific tutors and are key to many who struggle with math or need a little assistance to get a higher grade.

I regret not learning from my math tutor when I was in college - many, many moons ago! Talk about struggle, instead, I became really good friends with her, so I was more interested in socializing and not cracking the books. But, social skills are needed in life, too! Until next time!

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