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Sensory processing items available at the University Libraries

Engineering & Fabrication Librarian Rebecca Glasgow, member of the University Libraries Inclusion Diversity Equity and Accessibility Committee, shares information about tools available in lendable technology

In honor of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, the University Libraries is highlighting a unique set of tools that can be found in our lendable technology collection. The sensory processing tools are available to help people maintain focus while they study or work. We recognize that our campus community has a wide diversity of learning and processing abilities, and we aimed to develop a collection of items that could support our users. This collection was developed in partnership with the University Libraries Inclusion Diversity Equity and Accessibility Committee, the Neurodiversity Alliance and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

A pair of headphones, orange tinted glasses, and a fidget spinner on a desk.

 This collection includes:

  • Light sensitivity glasses.
  • Fidget kits.
  • Weighted lap pads.
  • Noise cancelling headphones and;
  • Foot fidget pads.

These items are free to check out for a few days at a time from various library service desks, including the Knowledge Center Access Services, @One Help Desk, DeLaMare Library and Prim Library.

This collection was developed to support our neurodivergent community, and we want to be mindful with how we tailor our services and collections. To better understand our neurodivergent community and their needs, the University Libraries Inclusion Diversity Equity and Accessibility Committee is conducting a survey to assess the usability of the sensory processing tools. This study will inform how the University Libraries can further support our neurodivergent community, including expanding our collection development. To participate, head to a library service desk and check out one of the sensory processing tools. Each item has a QR code that links to the survey, so you can provide feedback on your experience using the item.

For more information, please go to the sensory processing tools webpage or email the University Libraries IDEA Committee.

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