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5 Things you didn’t know about Nevada Dining

Nevada Dining intern Zanayda Braxton shares insider fun facts about campus dining

  1. Meal Plans aren’t just for first-year college students.
    Contrary to the common misconception that meal plans are exclusive to first-year or residential students, Nevada Dining offers meal plans for everyone and anyone on campus. Whether you're a graduate student who frequents campus once a week, a faculty or staff member, or a sophomore residing in student housing, there's a meal plan tailored to your needs.
  2. Students, faculty and staff have access to catering services through Nevada Dining.
    For more than two decades, Silver & Blue Catering has been the University's go-to catering service. Not only is Silver & Blue Catering available to the campus community, but there's also a specialized Student Catering service for student groups and clubs, along with Casual Catering options for smaller, more casual events and get-togethers.
  3. Students can schedule free tele-counseling sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist.
    Lisa Carlson is Nevada Dining’s registered dietitian nutritionist. She takes a personalized approach to nutrition and wellness, offering students a complimentary personalized tele-counseling session on all things nutrition and wellness.
  4. There are 12 dining stations in Pack Place, each designed to serve different cuisines on a rotating menu.
    Located inside Argenta Hall, Pack Place is not your typical buffet-style eatery. This state-of-the-art dining hall is characterized by menus that feature the latest trends in ingredients, flavors and compositions. Nevada Dining cooks from scratch, menus by season, sources responsibly, is allergen-friendly and additive-free.
  5. Nevada Dining contributes to a greener, more sustainable campus.
    At Nevada Dining, we are actively involved in sustainability initiatives, including the "WasteNot" program and by offering reusable to-go OZZI boxes at Pack Place. Sustainability efforts extend beyond food service, and we even have our very own Sustainability Intern, Natalie Liggett, leading these eco-friendly endeavors.

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