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A "QLess" way to access vital student services safely ... and without the long lines

The "QLess" queue management system will provide students this fall with simple, well-organized ways to access vital student services safely

“Why wait in line?”

Lines - we’ve all experienced them, and most will agree … we don’t like them. Add a pandemic, social distancing, and 20,000+ students to the mix and you’ve got a serious headache! As universities around the world continue to navigate COVID-19 and the imminent Fall term, one of the looming questions is, “How will we handle our lines during peak times?”  During the months of August and September offices such as Financial Aid and Cashiers could see an average of 100 students per day, sometimes even more. With social distancing guidelines in effect, the amount of students they can serve at one time has been reduced drastically. Faced with this challenge the offices of Financial Aid, Cashiers, Admissions and Records, Nevada Money Mentors and WolfCard have opted to use a cloud-based queue management system called “QLess.”

I don’t want to date myself here, but do you remember how painful it used to be to take a number at the DMV? I know we all cringe just thinking about it. Those dark ages are over now, and you can join the line ahead of time. QLess will allow for us to provide the same service to students and staff on campus. On average, a student will spend 10-15 minutes at the Admission and Records counter, and sometimes 30-45 minutes for in-depth services at Financial Aid. Instead of waiting in a long line, you can join the line before you arrive and be notified of how long your estimated wait will be. Need to do some last minute cramming for that first mid-term? Join the line! Weekly Zoom call with your family running long? Ask for more time! We will be here for you when you can arrive. Additionally, the offices of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Cashiers and Admissions and Records are offering a new Virtual Front Desk service to students. This will allow for us to limit exposure to our students and faculty, and still provide excellent one-on-one customer service. Students can make appointments online, and receive service without having to come on campus.

I have worked for Admission and Records for nine years (there I go dating myself again) and am extremely excited that we have the opportunity to bring QLess on board. I’ve felt the mad rush in August that a new semester brings. I’ve felt the frustration of long wait times, and “What do you mean I’m in the wrong place?” QLess will provide students a simple and well-organized way to access vital student services. I am excited that our students will be able to join a line from the comfort of their dorm room. I am excited they will not have to budget time in already overloaded schedules. College can be a daunting place. Waking into a building and seeing 30+ students in line doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence that you will be able to have your needs met quickly.  QLess will allow for us to keep our waiting areas clear and clean – significantly reducing touchpoints. This will not only help us to ensure the health of our students, but also the health and well-being of our faculty and staff.

 A new semester can bring a long list of unknowns to students and their families. We hope to eliminate a large question with the addition of QLess to our customer service repertoire. With a queue management system, we will be able to provide a well-organized virtual line that will allow students to continue on with their busy lives. Head over to our Qless page to familiarize yourself with the process!

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