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Publications (UNR)
Publications (External)
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The Nevada Leadership Program is committed to providing you and your organization with the resources needed to develop your organization's leadership team.  Here you will find various publications, prepared by University of Nevada, Reno faculty and leading experts in the field, pertaining to different aspects of leadership and the administration of government in Nevada.  Past workshop packets, including presentation notes, and a list of the Nevada Leadership Program's partner organizations are provided here as well.

Publications (University of Nevada, Reno)

The following is a list of publications produced by University of Nevada, Reno faculty on a variety of topics available to you.

Publications (External)

The following is a list of publications produced by organizations on a variety of topics available to you.


City of Fernley Redevelopment Plan, 2017

City of Fernley Strategic Plan:  Fiscal Year 2017 to Fiscal Year 2021

Eureka County Biochar Field Trial and Demonstration Project, University Center for Economic Development and the Desert Research Institute

Idaho Economic Development District Region III

Lyon County Strategic Plan:  Fiscal Year 2018 through Fiscal Year 2022

Lyon County Library System Strategic Plan: Fiscal Year 2020 through Fiscal Year 2024


These organizations are dedicated to the professional development of leaders in your community.

Previous Workshops

Citizens Institute

Conservation District Leadership Development Workshop

Financial Horizons Credit Union Team and Leadership Development Retreat

Financing Local Government Tool Kit Workshop

Fundamentals of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Workshop (Tonopah, NV September 26 and 27, 2018)

Fundamentals of Economic Development Workshop

Fundamentals of Economic Development 3.0 Workshop

General Improvement District Training Workshop

Hometown Health Leadership Development Retreat

How to Run an Effective Meeting Workshop

How to Become an Effective Leader

How to Effectively Use Parliamentary Procedure

How to Effectively Create a Team Environment

How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

How to Improve Your Management Skills

Local Leaders Institute

Northern Nevada Chapter of the Nevada Credit Union League

Redevelopment 101 Workshop

University of Nevada, Reno Planning & Construction Services Leadership Development Workshop


Presentations and related material from previous conferences

2017 The Economic Future of Northern Nevada: Challenges and Opportunities (March 22, 2017; Reno, Nevada) 

2016 Nevada Economic Development Conference (9/20-22, 2016; Reno, Nevada)

2015 Nevada Economic Development Conference (5/20-21, 2015; Reno, Nevada)

2015 Nevada Chapter of the American Planning Association (9/13-15, 2015; Reno, Nevada)