Economics Ph.D. Courses

The University of Nevada, Reno Graduate School requirements for doctoral coursework include a minimum of 72 graduate credits, with:

  • at least 48 credits in course work and
  • at least 30 credits in 700-level courses, exclusive of dissertation credits.
  • 2 consecutive semesters (excluding summer sessions) of 9 credits each, and
  • a minimum of 24 dissertation credits.

A maximum of 24 credits of course work (with grades of "B" or better) from a master's degree program may be allocated toward the Ph.D. Students may use as many as 18 700-level credits from a master's degree program. The student's advisory committee, the Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the Graduate School all must approve a Credit Transfer Evaluation Request Form.

The first year of the Ph.D. program includes core theory courses which are followed by theory comprehensive exams. Students should focus on their coursework (and not any dissertation work) particularly in that year.

The three categories of coursework for the Ph.D. in Economics are:

  • 6 core courses,
  • 4 field courses, and
  • 6 or more elective courses.