Three members of the Accounting department working in a conference room.


Our accounting programs furnish the solid knowledge base and conceptual infrastructure our graduates will need to make immediately valuable and lasting contributions as business accounting professionals in a global economy.

Three faculty and students from the Business Administration unit sit in a conference room.

Business Administration

An intelligent growth strategy is essential to business success. For professionals wanting to take their careers to new heights, earning a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or an Online Executive MBA (EMBA) is a growth strategy that can serve them for years to come.

Five members of the Economics department smiling in a group.


Through basic and applied research, the department's faculty members create and develop ideas that push the frontier of knowledge and assist public and private decision makers in practical ways throughout Nevada. 

Five students collaborate on a projects together dressed in business attire.


The University of Nevada, Reno has a strong history of promoting entrepreneurial opportunities and has the academic program to help students achieve their business aspirations. We develop entrepreneurial talent by developing real businesses.

Three Finance faculty members stand in front of a stock ticker display with arms folder.


Students coming from the finance program have the skills necessary to credibly weigh-in on fiscal matters associated with business investment and stock and mutual fund research and analysis in sectors such as financial management, banking, investments, and insurance.

Four students sit at a bank of computers working on assignments for Information Systems.

Information Systems

The Information Systems department is a community of scholars that constantly seeks out new ways of applying technology and communications concepts to the informational tools that we all rely on in our personal and professional lives.

A person in professional attire smiles before giving a presentation to five other people.

International Business

The rising importance of international trade and finance has dramatically changed the way we do business. International Business focuses on the principles and practices of business that crosses national boundaries to operate successfully in the global business environment. 

A bright room filled with management students and faculty all talking and interacting together.


Learn more about the mission-driven faculty members within the Management unit who publish cutting-edge research in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management, Decision-Making, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business, and Business Ethics.

A combination of eight students and faculty from the Marketing unit smiling wearing professional attire.


At its core, marketing is the creation, communication and exchange of value for stakeholders, including society at large. Marketing is the "outward-facing" business discipline that builds and manages relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.