Finance degrees and programs

A degree in Finance provides students knowledge essential for careers in financial management, banking, investments, and insurance. Students coming from the Finance program have the skills necessary to credibly weigh-in on fiscal matters associated with business investment and stock and mutual fund research and analysis. Moreover, the Finance Major is a good stepping-stone for students interested in a earning an MBA or other postgraduate degree.

For students who are interested in expanding upon their operational knowledge of business and finance, the College offers extensive and well-respected graduate programs including campus and Executive Masters of Business Administration degrees and a Masters of Finance. Those programs are adapted to the unique scheduling demands of the returning student and in the case of the Executive MBA, all classes are held exclusively online.

We offer a major, along with master's degree program in finance. 


Find out more about typical professions that our students embark on with their undergraduate degree in finance.

Internships and Support

Learn all about internships with local companies, independent study, and scholarships available.

Finance seminars

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