Information Systems degrees and programs

A degree in Information Systems not only gives graduates the ability to understand and manage current and emerging information systems, but also confers excellent technical management and communications skills. A background in Information Systems allows for a higher-level understanding of how different computer systems can talk and interface with each other – and thus facilitate and foster the spread of knowledge and ideas.

In today's mutable technological terrain, business professionals must be adept and quick to respond to new pressures and new ways of communicating. Programs within the Information Systems area build those skills in students through coursework about data technology, computer security and project management.

We offer a minor and major for undergraduates.

Information Systems graduate degrees

At The College of Business, we take pride in offering diverse opportunities for advanced education in the dynamic fields of technology and analytics.

Our renowned graduate programs include a Master of Science in Information Systems, providing students with a deep understanding of managing and optimizing information systems in today's ever-evolving landscape.

For those seeking the flexibility of online learning, we offer an innovative Online Master's in Business Analytics. This program, featured in The Record-Courier, equips students with the skills to harness the power of data, make informed business decisions, and stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of analytics.

Both programs are designed to empower our students with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in the digital age, providing a solid foundation for successful careers in Information Systems and Business Analytics.

Careers & Internships

Careers in Information Systems
Find out more about typical professions that our students embark on with their degree in information systems.

Internship opportunities
Learn all about internships with local companies to give you real world experience in information systems.


Seminar Series
View details on the upcoming IS Research Seminar Series (ISRSS) dates and topics.

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Community & Engagement

Advisory Board
The IS Advisory Board (ISAB) serves as a bridge between the business community and the Unit, offering advice, collaboration and support to enhance the mission of the Unit.

Media Mentions
View noteworthy news from our department that's been featured in our local and national media.