Accounting degrees and programs

Accounting offers students the opportunity both to develop practical skills and acquire general knowledge in Accounting, a field with extensive career and post-graduate research opportunities. We offer an accounting minor and major, along with an on-campus or online master's degree program. 

The College of Business also allows for a hybrid accounting/information systems major for those students interested in using both accounting and information skills in a single career path.

Our Mission

The accounting unit develops successful accounting professionals, produces quality intellectual contributions, and engages in collaborative relationships with the accounting profession. The focus of the faculty is to maintain a responsive accounting program that provides students with the technical and conceptual knowledge needed for a successful career in accounting with the problem-solving and communication skills necessary to apply their knowledge in a professional setting. The faculty  is also committed to research and other forms of scholarly activity that add to the body of academic and practitioner knowledge and foster continuous improvement in teaching. Finally, the faculty engages in service to the accounting profession, business community, academic organizations, and the University.


An accounting education opens up an extremely diverse range of careers for students. Find out more about typical professions that our students embark on with their undergraduate degree.

State Board Requirements

The Nevada State Board of Accountancy has a 150 Hour Education Rule on all students wanting to receive certification as a CPA in Nevada. Learn more about these requirements.

Advisory Board

The Accounting Advisory Board serves as a bridge between the Unit and the business community; offering advice, collaboration and support to enhance the mission of the Unit.