International Business Degree

Bachelor of Science in International Business

The objective of the international business major is to provide an interdisciplinary program of study which combines international studies and foreign language studies with a business degree. The major will benefit those students who seek to work in the international business world.

International Business is an undergraduate program designed for those who intend to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of this exciting new business era. Our program focuses on the principles and practices of businesses that cross national boundaries to operate in the global business environment. Each participant has the opportunity to specialize in a particular region -- Asia and the Pacific, Europe or the Americas. All participants are required to develop skills in a second language. Participants tailor their language training to their career goals by selecting from one of several language tracks.

The rising importance of international trade and finance has dramatically changed the way we do business. Today's corporations must operate in a global economy, and the business leaders of tomorrow cannot operate on yesterday's knowledge. The transformation of political, economic, cultural and social systems are offering spectacular opportunities to international businesses, while rapid advancements in technology are making it harder to keep up with changing business practices.

As companies recognize that they need to become international to stay ahead of the competition, they are also recognizing that they need a new kind of manager to do international business. More and more, companies are looking for someone with strong business skills who also speaks the language, understands the society, and knows how international business is different, and more challenging, than just doing business at home.