MBA Emphases

Our MBA program offers areas of emphasis in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, and information technology, and renewable energy. You need a total of 9 credits for either an emphasis or general electives in the MBA Program at the University of Nevada, Reno.  Students who graduated from the College of Business at UNR cannot enroll in 600 level courses if they took them at the 400 level at UNR.

Note that MBA students can also pursue other areas of emphasis by taking graduate courses of their choice outside of the College of Business. 

Also note that BADM 792 (Internship) and BADM 793 (independent study) are among the available courses to MBA students as either electives or as courses for an emphasis. For BADM 793, you need to have a faculty advisor from the College of Business. Prior to registering for BADM 792 or BADM 793, you should contact the MBA Office to discuss the details of the work involved and to get the contact information of a faculty advisor. Once the scope of the work for BADM 793 is worked out, the MBA Office will provide you with the information on how to register in the course.