Wolf Pack Shadow

2022 Wolf Pack Shadow schedule

  • ZLINE Kitchen & Bath: September 30
  • Elemental LED: October 7
  • Reno Aces: December 2

Wolf Pack Shadow allows University of Nevada, Reno students to experience a day in the life of their prospective career field. Select students shadow managers in exciting fields such as marketing, information systems, accounting, human resources, finance and more. Students can sign up via Nevada Careers.

How to Apply

  1. Log onto your Nevada Careers account.
  2. Upload your resume by selecting “My Profile,” “Resumes,” then “Upload New.”
  3. After your resume is uploaded, select the “Events” tab, then “Workshops.”
  4. Select the Wolf Pack Shadow you would like to attend, then choose your resume.
  5. Select “Sign-Up.” You will then be prompted to complete the application questions
    • We suggest that you complete the questions in a Word Document, then paste your answers as the webpage may timeout.
  6. Once you submit your answers and select “Signup,” your application has been completed!

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