The College of Business encourages students to engage in internships to expand their awareness in their major field of study and gain real-world experience.

An internship consists of a short-term relationship (150-200 hours) in which the employer provides a student with exposure to their field of study through work experience, training, supervision and feedback. Internships can be done for experience, credit and/or pay. Internship opportunities through the College of Business are paid positions. Internships are not a guarantee of full-time employment, but can be a great way for both the employer and intern to determine a future fit.

Students can locate their own internship opportunity through our list of University partners or work with the Career and Corporate Outreach Office to identify a potential internship employer. Internship opportunities can be found on the student job board, Nevada Careers, or through a faculty recommendation. If you are interested in earning credit for an internship, contact the Director of Career Services to discuss eligibility and internship opportunities. Make an appointment with the Career and Corporate Outreach Center online to find out more. 

Academic eligibility and other requirements

In order for students to earn academic credit for an internship they first must meet the GPA and course prerequisites for their particular major.

If you meet the necessary requirements to earn academic credit, you must then get the internship approved. Each internship opportunity must be approved by the faculty coordinator in each major. A written description of the internship opportunity must be provided. Upon faculty approval, your advisor will discuss the academic work that must be completed along with the job experience. 

Once your internship is approved, an administrator will approve you to add the course through MyNevada. This process can take up to two weeks.

Contact the Career and Corporate Outreach Center for the internship requirement checklist at