Student Objectives and Outcomes

Student Outcomes Report

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Learning Goals & Objectives for Undergraduate Students

LG1: Students will demonstrate mastery of fundamental business knowledge and practices.

  • LO1.1: Students will achieve financial literacy (this comprises the ability to read and interpret financial reports.)
  • LO1.2: Students will achieve investment literacy.
  • LO1.3: Students will understand theories of motivation and be able to see how they apply to their past, present, and future experiences as students, employees, employers, and leaders.
  • LO1.4: Students will obtain a general knowledge of and an appreciation of how social and political events affect business (this comprises an understanding of the political and social environments which impact business and commerce).

LG2: Students will possess analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • LO2.1: Students will demonstrate ability to apply key statistical tools.
  • LO2.2: Students will use evaluative thinking to analyze a strategic business decision.
  • LO2.3: Students will be able to develop, analyze and interpret a quantitative decision-support model.

LG3: Students will be effective communicators within a business environment.

  • LO3.1: Students will effectively communicate information, concepts, and ideas in writing.
  • LO3.2: Students will be able to prepare and deliver a professional speech on a business issue.
  • LO3.3: Students will be able to function effectively in a small group.

LG4: Students will be able to use information technology to support business analysis and operations.

  • LO4.1: Students will utilize technology to produce a professional business document and/or presentation demonstrating proficient use of spreadsheet, word processor, presentation graphics, and database applications and the Internet. This includes both (A) learning the basics in a simulated environment (knowledge/comprehension), and (B) the use of applications in individual projects (application/analysis).
  • LO4.2: Students will utilize technology to complete a comprehensive managerial analysis project.
  • LO4.3: Students will demonstrate fundamental understanding of computers, operating systems, applications, data storage and file structures.
  • LO4.4: Students will critically analyze and evaluate the functionality and business value of potential information system solutions.
  • LO4.5: Students will demonstrate knowledge of Web site design, Web site creation, and Web search techniques for effectively displaying and gathering information on the internet.

LG5: Students will recognize, evaluate and resolve ethical issues, both personally and organizationally.

  • LO5.1: Students will recognize ethical issues embedded in common business activities.
  • LO5.2: Students will reach an ethically defensible resolution that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders.

LG6: Students will develop a global business perspective and will have the knowledge and skills to conduct business internationally.

  • LO6.1: Students will understand theoretical concepts related to international business and are able to apply them to business analysis and decision-making.
  • LO6.2: Students will know what data and how to collect such data to assess the political, economic, social, technological and legal international business environment.
  • LO6.3: Students will become aware of cultural differences and the implications of such for business and management practices.