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Scholarship support aims to provide students the support they need to help them overcome financial hardship and other factors in order to focus on their success in the classroom.

Scholarship endowment funds are permanently held by the University of Nevada, Reno Foundation. The Foundation’s payout policy for endowments allows for 4.5% of the 12-quarter average market value for distribution purposes.

Below some of the different scholarship endowment levels. All of the amounts are payable over a five year term.

  • The Scholar Leaders Program

    Minimum of $25,000

    General Information: The Scholar Leader program is a scholarship award program designed to identify and support student leaders in The College of Business toward their academic and professional success, while enhancing the strategic initiatives of The College of Business through student engagement. There are specific pre-requisites that a student must complete in order to qualify for a Scholar Leader Program Scholarship.

    To earn and maintain the scholarship, Scholar Leaders will:

    • Pursue pre-business or business majors in The College of Business.
    • Maintain a 3.25 GPA
    • Enroll in at least 12 credits per semester. Enrollment in 15 credits is preferred
    • Participate in activities associated with the Scholar Leader program

    Opportunities for students to fulfill the participation requirement abound, including:

    • Peer Mentors
    • Nevada Global Business summer study program
    • Student Outreach Office activities and events
    • Student clubs and organizations
    • On-campus student jobs
  • College of Business Scholarship Endowment

    Minimum of $10,000

    General Information: College of Business Scholarship Endowments allows the donor latitude to suggest terms for a specific scholarship fund. All scholarship terms must meet University and Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) minimums, standards and policies.

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