Program at a glance

How much does it cost? 

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How long does it take?

This 120 credit program is designed to be completed in four years.

Who can apply? 

Open to all undergraduate students. Applicants must have a high-school diploma or GED.

What will I learn in a bachelor's degree in information systems program?

The major in information systems integrates general business and management knowledge with expertise in computer technology (including programming, database, web, and networking) to produce the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain employment in a competitive job market, start a business, or pursue further education in graduate and professional degree programs.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze and document the requirements for a complex information system.
  • Design and program relatively complex information systems, including advanced database features and suitable interfaces.
  • Teach themselves the skills necessary to stay current in the rapidly evolving technical areas of IS.
  • Work effectively in teams.
  • Utilize and understand current best practices and technological tools to solve information systems problems in organizations.
  • Communicate the objectives and the analytical, design and programmatic components of a sophisticated information system to IS professionals and to non-IS managers and users.
  • Design and implement information systems that best meet the strategic plans, goals and objectives of the organizations for which the systems are intended.

Learn more about the department

The information systems department is a community of scholars that constantly seeks out new ways of applying technology and communications concepts to the informational tools that we all rely on in our personal and professional lives.

Other degrees in the information systems program

  • Information systems minor

    The information systems minor is designed for those students interested in business-oriented, computer technology-based information resource systems. Students learn about both business processes and the computer technology used to support and enhance those processes.

  • Business analytics minor

    The business analytics minor is designed to prepare students for desirable and lucrative jobs in one of the fastest-growing areas in today’s global economy. Students will learn core concepts in descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. This will provide them with essential analytical and computational skills required to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. The minor is open to all undergraduate students at the university.

  • Accounting and information systems, B.S.

    Business professionals are frequently asked to assume responsibilities that go beyond traditional, single discipline expectations.  Undergraduate students may choose to combine accounting and information systems classes to develop broad knowledge of both areas.  Students will learn the theories and procedures of accounting along with technical knowledge of how computer systems can facilitate business processes and projects. With a foundational knowledge of accounting and information systems, students often use this major to pursue careers as forensic accountants, IT auditors or business consultants. 

  • Business analytics, M.S. online

    The Online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) prepares students to launch a career exploring and analyzing data to identify, understand and answer questions that are critical to organizations.  The degree program integrates knowledge and skills in data management, quantitative methods, organizational decision making, and information communication in order to address significant questions. The program is designed to meet the growing need for data science professionals, giving graduates the skills necessary to help organizations harness and understand the power of information. Students completing the program will develop analytical skills and the expertise to solve complex problems from multiple perspectives. Business analytics professionals are critical in helping guide organizations in solving 21st-century business challenges.

    Learn more about the Online MSBA program

  • Information systems, M.S.

    Armed with a formidable understanding of both computers and commerce, Information Systems professionals are uniquely qualified to help organizations navigate the intersection of technology and business. Study at the master's level can strengthen these qualifications even further.

    Learn more about the M.S. in Information Systems program

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