The Managerial Sciences Department contains programs in finance, management and marketing. Such a breadth of opportunities affords students the ability to focus on their principle interest, while also being a part of a conversation that touches upon all elements of the business spectrum.

Graduates entering into the workforce with a degree from one of the programs within the Managerial Sciences department are equipped with the tools to lead a marketing and advertising campaign, assist with a corporate merger or build a successful business. In essence, the tools a graduate receives after receiving a degree from the Managerial Sciences department include the ability to effectively communicate, collaborate and lead.

For students who are interested in expanding upon their operational knowledge of business and finance, the College offers extensive and well-respected graduate programs including campus and Executive Masters of Business Administration degrees and a Masters of Finance. Those programs are adapted to the unique scheduling demands of the returning student and in the case of the Executive MBA, all classes are held exclusively online.

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