MA Candidates and Placements

M.A. Placements

The Department of Economics is proud to present alumni that have taken positions in academia and in the private sector. We wish you continued success.

  • Bharman Gulati, 2014: Joined Ph.D. in Economics program in Colorado State University
  • Osasohan Agbonlahor, 2015: Joined Ph.D. in Economics program in North Carolina State University
  • Nicholas W. Bertrando, 2015: Analyst at Renown Health
  • Xuning Endicott, 2015: Renown Health
  • Alexis Irion, 2015: TransUnion
  • Robert D Kirchman, 2015: TMCC (Lecturer)
  • Steve Messinger, 2015: Nevada Primary Care Association (Policy Manager)
  • Nathan Osborne, 2016: Contract Analyst at Telecare Corporation
  • Aditya Ketkar, 2017: Joined  Ph.D. in Economics program Mississippi State University
  • Kile M Porter, 2017: Economist at Nevada Department of Taxation
  • Samira Fatehyar, 2018: Real Estate Asset Manager at Fatehyar Investments LLC
  • Adriana Hernandez, 2018: Researcher, Center for Applied Demography, Cornell University
  • Erin Phipps, 2018: Idaho Supreme Court (Data Analyst)
  • Angelo M Sisante, 2018: Grand Rounds (Data Analyst)
  • Ege Can, 2019: Acquired on the way to Ph.D. in Economics at UNR
  • Barbara Katie P Champagne, 2019: Small Business Development Center, University of Nevada Reno
  • Mikala Yepez, 2019: Sierra Nevada Corporation