MBA Tuition

Tuition for the campus MBA program will vary depending on the number of courses waived. If all 7 core courses are waived, tuition for a Nevada resident is about $11,000. If none of the core courses is waived, tuition cost is about $19,000. Textbooks and fees are approximately $3,000.

Differential Fee

In April 2011, the Nevada Board of Regents approved a differential fee tuition program to go into effect fall 2011 for master of accountancy (MAcc), master of business administration (MBA), master of science in finance (MSF), and master of science in information systems (MSIS). This involves a course fee in the amount of $100 per credit for graduate level courses in accounting (ACC), business administration (BADM), business (BUS), entrepreneurship (ENT), gaming management (GAM), finance (FIN), information systems (IS), management (MGT), and marketing (MKT). These additional fees will support financial aid of students in the programs, as well as enhance the curriculum and services to the program's students.

More information about tuition and fees at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships.