Executive Certificate Courses

This one year program includes 6 units in the fall (two 3-unit courses) and 5 units in the spring (one 3-unit and two 1-unit courses).

  • SPTM 720 - Leadership in Sport Management (3-units)
  • SPTM 730 - Sports Operation & Management (3-units)
  • SPTM 740 - Fiscal Sustainability & Revenue Generation in Sports (3-units)
  • SPTM 791 - Applied Seminar in Sports (1-unit)
  • SPTM 792 - Sports Industry Internship (1-unit)

Course Descriptions

SPTM 720: Leadership in Sport Management

Come learn the fundamental principles of leadership in the sports industry! As a student, you will gain a solid foundation in what it means to be a leader in sports, the management of a sports organization, and its various management structures. Topics covered will include leadership style, management, and structure; diversity and inclusion; communications and media relations; and current issues in sports.

SPTM 730: Sports Operations & Management

Have you ever wondered how operations and management within a sports organization work? In this course, you will gain an understanding of the various internal operations of a sports organization such as human resources, support units, facilities, and event management.

SPTM 740: Fiscal Sustainability & Revenue Generation in Sports

Fundamental principles of fiscal sustainability and revenue generation of a sports organization; the keys to continued success. In this course, you will gain a solid foundation in budget management and forecasting, analytics, and revenue generation.

Experiential Learning

Project-based Learning

As a student, you will have the opportunity to Intern with one of these sports organizations in your final semester. Project-based learning opportunities are offered both in-person and remote.

Lake Tahoe Sports Summit

The Applied Seminar in Sports is designed as an integrative, in-person, culminating experience for the Graduate Certificate in Sports Management. Students meet in person for a 2.5-day seminar to attend lectures, meet in small groups, and participate in a case competition. The Summit ends with a graduation ceremony commemorating our student’s hard work, properly sending them off into their career ventures.