Executive Certificate Courses


This one year graduate program includes 6 units in the fall (two 3-unit courses) and 5 units in the spring (one 3-unit and two 1-unit courses).*

  • SPTM 720 - Leadership in Sport Management (3-units)
  • SPTM 730 - Sports Operation & Management (3-units)
  • SPTM 740 - Fiscal Sustainability & Revenue Generation in Sports (3-units)
  • SPTM 791 - Applied Seminar in Sports (1-unit)
  • SPTM 792 - Sports Industry Internship (1-unit)

*This is a suggested schedule. For current offerings and requirements check the University Course Catalog.

Students who are interested in obtaining an Executive MBA with an emphasis in Sports Management have the opportunity to transfer three courses from the Executive Certificate in Sports management (SPTM 720, SPTM 730 and SPTM 740) to the nationally ranked EMBA in the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Course Descriptions

SPTM 720: Leadership in Sport Management

Come learn the fundamental principles of leadership in the sports industry! As a student, you will gain a solid foundation in what it means to be a leader in sports, the management of a sports organization, and its various management structures. Topics covered will include leadership style, management, and structure; diversity and inclusion; communications and media relations; and current issues in sports.

SPTM 730: Sports Operations & Management

Have you ever wondered how operations and management within a sports organization work? In this course, you will gain an understanding of the various internal operations of a sports organization such as human resources, support units, facilities, and event management.

SPTM 740: Fiscal Sustainability & Revenue Generation in Sports

Fundamental principles of fiscal sustainability and revenue generation of a sports organization; the keys to continued success. In this course, you will gain a solid foundation in budget management and forecasting, analytics, and revenue generation.

Experiential Learning

Project-based Learning

As a student, you will have the opportunity to intern with one of many sports organizations in your final semester. Project-based learning opportunities are offered both in-person and remote.

Lake Tahoe Sports Summit

The Applied Seminar in Sports is designed as an integrative, in-person, culminating experience for the Executive Certificate in Sports Management. Students meet in person for a 2.5-day seminar to attend lectures, meet in small groups, and participate in a case competition. The Summit ends with a graduation ceremony commemorating our student’s hard work, properly sending them off into their career ventures.