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Enhancing the experience

Through the programs offered by The College of Business, our students not only have the opportunity to learn in the classroom, but also through immersing themselves in real world situations with local and global business.

Below are the different programs offered to students in The College of Business.


Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship

Through the generosity of UNR alumni Eren and Fatih Ozmen, the Ozmen Center for Entrepreneurship was established in 2014.  The center was created with the vision to provide students across campus with the resources to foster the creation of ideas, new enterprises and innovations.  Under the auspices of the Ozmen Center, academic courses were created to allow students develop their entrepreneurial capacities.


Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition

The Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition was launched in 2012 with a generous endowment gift by UNR alumnus Rick Sontag. This competition was established to develop the entrepreneurial capacities of students and facilitate the students’ creation of new businesses in Nevada. It is open to all full-time UNR graduate and undergraduate students. Winners of the competition receive a $50,000 award that serves as “seed” money to help fund the creation of their business.


Nevada Global Business

At the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business our goal is to provide our students with a comprehensive education of international business. The three areas that help provide the education we feel our students need are study abroad programs for our students, global faculty research opportunities and the operation for a Nevada Global Business and Economics Lab.

The Nevada Global Business Initiative provides nine different global trips that our students have the opportunity to go on. Each presents a unique experience where students will have the opportunity to earn credits while learning through “real world” business experiences and networking with prominent business leaders in the nine different cities.

It is incredibly important that the College of Business have faculty research conducted all over the world, so that faculty who teach the College of Business’ International Business curriculum are able to provide current examples of how business operates globally.

Lastly, the Nevada Global Business and Economics Lab will be a policy-oriented lab that will focus on applied international research. The goal of this lab is to involve students and faculty in joint research projects to collect and analyze data related to real-world business and public policy topics in conjunction with universities across the globe.


To ensure immediate success as freshmen, students now participate in our mandatory BizFIT program. This intensive week-long program of course work, study and projects prepares our students for the rigors they will encounter in a collegiate setting.