MBA Courses

The following core courses comprise the MBA common body of knowledge and are required unless waived. Students must complete the core requirements before enrolling in breadth courses. 51 credit hours are required for the completion of the MBA Program if nothing is waived out of core courses and 30 credit hours must be taken at the University to graduate from the MBA Program. 

The exact timeline to finish the MBA program depends on the number of courses waived and the number of courses taken in each semester. See the MBA Schedule for more details.

See the University  General Course Catalog for more information about Course Descriptions.

The Common Body of Knowledge (Core) (21 credits)

  • BADM 700: Statistics for Decision Making (3 credits)
  • BADM 701: Production/Operation Management (3 credits) (BADM 700 Pre-Requisite)
  • BADM 710: Financial Reporting and Analysis (3 credits)
  • BADM 720: Management and Organizational Science (3 credits)
  • BADM 730: Economics of the Firm (3 credits) (BADM 700 Pre-Requisite)
  • BADM 741: Financial Management (3 credits) (BADM 700 Pre-Requisite)
  • BADM 760: Marketing Management (3 credits)

Breadth Courses (18 credits)

Enrollment in Breadth Courses requires completion of the Core Courses.

  • BADM 750: Information and Communications Technology in Organizations (required) (3 credits)
  • BADM 772: Changing Environments of Business (required) (3 credits)

Select any four of the following three-credit courses (12 credits):

  • BADM 711: Seminar in Managerial Accounting
  • BADM 726: Personal Branding
  • BADM 727: Seminar in Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • BADM 728: Managing Organizations in a Global Economy
  • BADM 729: Seminar in Management Issues
  • BADM 740: Seminar in Monetary and Financial Economics
  • BADM 742: Research Methods in Finance
  • BADM 743: Investment Management
  • BADM 744: Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • BADM 745: Commercial Bank Management
  • BADM 746: Corporate Treasury Management
  • BADM 748: Real Estate Finance
  • BADM 749: Seminar in Finance
  • BADM 769: Seminar in Marketing Issues
  • BADM 779: Seminar in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Issues
  • BADM 780: Business and Public Policy Areas of Emphasis (3 credits)
  • BADM 791: Special Topics
  • BADM 794: Value Creation and Measurement

Areas of Emphasis (9 Credits)

In consultation with the MBA director, students may choose nine elective credits that have an industry or functional emphasis. Current areas of emphasis include accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, gaming management and information technology. Additional areas of emphasis may be developed in consultation with the director of MBA.

View more information about the Areas of Emphasis here.

Integration (3 Credits) (Required)

  • BADM 781: Strategic Management for Executives

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MBA Program Waiver Policy

Individual MBA core course requirements may be waived by permission of the MBA Office if students have completed an equivalent course within the last five years with a grade of at least B at an  AACSB-accredited or equivalent institution.

Applications for core course waiver must be completed during a student's first-year in the program.