MSIS Graduate Assistantship

Who is Eligible for a GA Position in the MSIS Program?

You must be accepted to a graduate program at the University of Nevada, Reno, to be eligible for a graduate assistantship.  Further, you must continue to be a student in good standing to retain one. Finally, international students must obtain a minimum score on a standardized English test to qualify for a GA position. 

Acceptance into the MSIS program does not guarantee an assistantship.  There are relatively few assistantships available for the program and they are highly competitive.  Graduate assistantship positions are usually filled by the end of June (or the end of December) for the semester starting in August (or January).  For example, we usually review applications for GA positions starting May 1 and fill those positions by June of the forthcoming calendar year.  See below for the current status.

How To Apply

Again, we stress that you must be accepted to a graduate program (not necessarily the MSIS program) at the University of Nevada, Reno, to be eligible for a GA position.  Students in the MSIS program will have preference over those accepted in other departments. 
If you are interested in a GA position and are eligible to apply, please email your resume to Dana Edberg at