Nevada Leadership Program

Our program offers trainings designed to improve overall public accountability and responsibility and organizational efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of government in Nevada.

About the Nevada Leadership Program

The complexity of the challenges which Nevada faces have increased dramatically. The Nevada Leadership Program (NLP) is a set of programs that support the development of public and public adjacent entities and actors as a part of the University Center for Economic Development. We serve elected and appointed officials, government executives, and the general public in the State of Nevada collaboratively with public sector and private sector partners.

NLP helps elected, appointed and government executives and the general public develop their skills so that the public's business can be conducted in ways that are both responsible and transparent and efficient and effective. To do this we develop and deliver exceptional professional training and workshops leveraging University of Nevada, Reno, colleges and departments in the areas of public administration and management, public policy, economic development, and planning. 

Please reach out if you are interested in setting up a custom training, collaboration, or leadership activity - we are glad to help. 


The Nevada Leadership Program offers a variety of workshops throughout the year and throughout the state. Customized workshops are also available.

Example workshops

  • Open Meeting Laws
  • Ethics
  • Basic Principles of Government Finance and Budgeting
  • Economic Development Toolkit
  • Land Use in Nevada
  • Leadership Competencies


  • Nevada Tribal Leadership Program
  • Nevada Leadership Program
  • Lead for Nevada

Contact us

Brad Johnson
Program Director, Nevada Leadership Program
Phone: (775) 682-8608