Nevada Leadership Program

Our program offers trainings designed to improve overall public accountability and responsibility and organizational efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of government in Nevada.

About the Nevada Leadership Program

Nevada is a rapidly growing state, and the complexity of the challenges which government administrators face in regards to conducting the public business has grown as well. The Nevada Leadership Program is designed to help elected and appointed officials and government executives and the general public develop their skills so that the public's business can be conducted in ways that are both responsible and transparent and efficient and effective.

The mission of the Nevada Leadership Program is to improve overall public accountability and responsibility and organizational efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of government in Nevada.  It is our Vision to develop and deliver exceptional nontraditional education through the outreach of University colleges and departments in the areas of public administration and management, public policy, economic development and planning for elected and appointed officials, government executives, and the general public in the State of Nevada and to do so collaboratively with willing public sector and private sector partners.

Our program offers training on the State's open meeting laws, the Nevada code of administrative ethics, basic principles of public budgeting and finance, economic development, land use planning, and other aspects of public policy development, implementation, and administration.

Scholarship Fund

The Dr. Frederick A. Steinmann Scholarship Endowment Fund was established to honor Dr. Frederick A. Steinmann, provide a scholarship award to a student at the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business and to encourage friends and alumni to consider establishing and donating to similar endowed scholarship funds at the University of Nevada, Reno.


The Nevada Leadership Program offers a variety of workshops throughout the year and throughout the state. Customized workshops are also available.

Archives and Resources

We're committed to providing you and your organization with the resources needed to develop your organization's leadership team. Here you will find various publications pertaining to different aspects of leadership and the administration of government in Nevada. 

Leadership 360

The primary objective of the Leadership 360 is to provide active and emerging managers, administrators, and supervisors in the public-sector, non-profit private-sector, and for-profit private-sector with graduate-level education in a schedule-friendly non-traditional environment. Specifically, the program has been designed to provide participants opportunities to further develop their managerial and administrative skills through intensive personal development simulations and instruction.

Nevada Tribal Leadership Development Program

This program has been developed specifically for elected and appointed representatives and organizational leaders of Nevada’s various tribal councils and tribal communities. Participants will learn about effective leadership and managerial skills through a series of in-class sessions.