Graduate Student Resources

Master's degree and Ph.D. Students

These resources provide information for both masters degree and Ph.D. students.


Find out about Graduate Research Assistantships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships available through the Department of Economics.

Faculty Research

Learn about the various research areas of Economics department faculty.

Graduate Student Handbook

Everything you need to know about your journey as an Economics graduate student.

Ph.D. student resources

Below is a collection of resources specific to Ph.D. students.


Learn about the advising structure for the Ph.D. in Economics program. 


Find out about required courses for the Ph.D. in Economics program.

Dissertations and Exams

Learn more about comprehensive exams, admission to candidacy, and dissertations.

Satisfactory Progress

View a reasonable timeline to help students plan for completing the Ph.D. program. 

Responsibilities of the Ph.D. Student

Learn about the responsibilities of a student pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics.