First Aid Kit Program

As emergency medical care exists in close proximity to the institution, the University of Nevada, Reno campus (including the contiguous campus grounds, Redfield Campus, and the Valley Road Facilities) has a non-mandatory First Aid Kit program as described by OSHA through a letter of interpretation.

For this non-mandatory program, departments are allowed to purchase their own first aid kits for the convenience of employees. An example of the minimal contents of a generic first aid kit is described in American National Standard (ANSI) Z308.1-2009 "Minimum Requirements for Workplace First-aid Kits". This guideline should be considered when evaluating what supplies to stock the first aid kits. A table from the ANSI Z308.1-2009 is included below.

As this is a non-mandatory First Aid Kit program, departments are also encouraged to develop their own departmental procedures on the use of the items within the First Aid Kit including inspecting the kits and restocking of the first aid supplies.

It should be noted that any injury at work should be reported to the supervisor immediately. The links for emergency medical care/workers compensation clinics are listed on the BCN Workers' Compensation website.

ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009

Caution! This kit meets ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009 only when the required minimum fill is maintained.

Required Minimum Fill

  • 1 First Aid Guide
  • 1 Absorbent Compress 4 x 8 in. min.
  • 16 Adhesive Bandages 1 x 3 in.
  • 1 Adhesive Tape 2.5 yd.
  • 10 Antiseptic Treatment Applications 0.5 gm. each
  • 6 Burn Treatment Applications 0.9 gm. each
  • 4 Sterile Pads 3 x 3 in. min.
  • 2 Pair Medical Exam Gloves
  • 1 Triangular Bandage 40 x 40 x 56 in. min.
  • Antibiotic Treatment Applications 0.5 gm. each

Recommended Supplies

  • Analgesic (Oral)
  • Bandage Compress 2 x 36 in. min.
  • Breathing Barrier, single use
  • Burn Dressing 12 sq. in. min.
  • Cold Pack 4 x 5 in. min.
  • Eye Covering 1/4 in. thick min.
  • Eye/Face Wash, sterile 4 fl. oz. min
  • Roller Bandage 2 in. x 4 yd. min.
  • Hand Sanitizer, 0.9 gm. min