Occupational safety program

Occupational safety at a glance

Program contact

Brock A. Young
Occupational Health & Safety Manager
(775) 327-5058

Universities present exceptionally diverse work environments. In addition to all of the "normal" hazards associated with employment, universities have to address the hazards associated with novel research environments. Consequently, universities present multiple and varied challenges to working safely.

In an effort to address work related injuries and illnesses, governments establish regulations and employers initiate policies and programs. Regulations establish minimum standards while written policies and programs define how goals are to be met. True safety goes beyond the contents of these documents. Safety is a way of life, an individual responsibility and it is learning to identify risks and hazards before injuries occur. Safe workers voluntarily take necessary precautions to avoid injuries. And true safety applies not only on the job, but also in our home and recreational activities.

The goal of the Occupational Safety program is to limit the risks associated with our varied work activities and to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform their duties safely both at work and at away from work. In doing so, we can we help ensure the health and safety of people and the environment while we fulfill our professional obligations to our colleagues and our university.