5.0 Animal Use Policy

5.1 Caging and Labeling

Small animals given radioactive materials shall be caged separately from non-radioactive animals. Cages shall be labeled with appropriate radiation warning signs. Information on the label shall include the name of the person responsible for the experiment, the radioisotope, quantity, and date of administration. Special arrangements through the Radiation Safety Officer must be made prior to administering radioactive materials to large animals. Animals which receive radioisotopes must be properly identified and controlled. Approval from the Radiation Safety Office will be required prior to relocation of any such animal.

5.2 Contamination Control

Radioactive excreta, animal carcasses and tissues, contaminated cage bedding, etc., are handled in accordance with radioactive waste disposal procedures. Prior to the start of work, projects likely to produce large quantities of waste or involving unusual contamination potentials will be reviewed by the RSO, on a case-by-case basis, to ensure that facilities to be used are adequate.

5.3 Instruction of Animal Care Providers

The Authorized User is responsible for ensuring that animal care providers and handlers are given RSO approved written instructions pertaining to radiation protection issues. This is to ensure that these personnel are trained to deal with any potential hazards they may encounter in providing care for the animals and/or cleaning for the laboratory animal facilities. Copies of these written instructions will be posted in the Laboratory Animal Care Facility and will be kept on file in the EH&S Department.

6.0 Procedure for Obtaining Radiation Use Authorization (RUA)