9.0 Contamination Control Procedures

Radioactive contamination control can be affected by proper handling of radioactive material, the use of adequate protective clothing, and the use of sealed containers for transfer and storage of such material. THE FOLLOWING STEPS WILL HELP TO PRVENT CONTAMINATION:

  1. All areas in which contamination is possible must be posted accordingly.
  2. Protective clothing will be;
    1. Specified in the RUA application
    2. Provided by the user
    3. Worn by all individuals working in the area
  3. Swipe tests will be taken to evaluate the level of removal contamination according to Chapter 10 of this manual.
  4. Volatile radioactive compounds will be stored in sealed containers.
  5. Smoking, eating, drinking, and application of cosmetics is prohibited in areas where radioactive materials are used or stored.
  6. Leak tests will be performed on sealed sources according to Chapter 17 of this manual.

10.0 Radiation and Contamination Surveys