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Radiation/laser safety training

To request web based Radiation/Laser Safety classes, send an email with your NetID to M. Jo. Instructions on how to access classes will be provided by email

Program contact

Myung-chul Jo, CHP, CLSO, CMLSO
Radiation & Laser Safety Officer
University of Nevada, Reno
EH&S MS 328
Reno, NV 89557
(775) 784-4540

The benefits of radiation and radioactive material used in our society are inarguable. Radiation and radioactive materials are used at the University of Nevada, Reno in education, medicine, and research. Research areas include medical and pharmaceutical, agricultural and ecological, veterinary medicine, biology, mining, and other areas which benefit mankind and the environment.

The University's Radiation Safety Program supports the safe use of these important educational and research tools and strives to reduce even the smallest risk by providing training and education of in-house personnel and interested members of the public. The safety program, which is licensed by the State of Nevada, controls the procurement, use, and proper disposal of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment. Both people and the environment are carefully monitored to ensure that the highest regulatory and professional standards of radiation safety are met. Members of the EH&S radiation safety staff help to achieve the university mission by supporting education and research while limiting risk.

Equipment Available to Authorized Radiation User

  1. Ultra low background Liquid Scintillation Counter (LSC):
    Background of this LSC is low single digit cpm.
  2. Gas proportional counter:
    This unit is capable of distinguishing between alpha and beta radiation from mixed radiation sample. Windowless counting is capable of H-3 detection without liquid scintillation cocktail.
  3. Gamma spectroscopy:
    This unit is capable of identifying and quantifying gamma emitting samples.
  4. Gamma irradiator
  5. Portable neutron gauge:
    This unit measures moisture contents in soil.

Contact M. Jo for details about laser and radiation training.

Radiation, X-Ray and Accelerator Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Information

Regulatory Guidelines