6.0 Procedure for Obtaining Radiation Use Authorization (RUA)

Before an individual may use radioactive sources for purposes of teaching, research, etc., a RUA application must be submitted to the RSO for approval by the RSC. NO RADIOISOTOPES MAY BE ORDERED OR USED UNTIL THE RUA APPLICATION IS APPROVED. The applicant must provide all information requested on the form.

6.1 Definition

A RUA is a written approval from the RSC to an individual for the purpose of ordering, purchasing, possessing and using radioisotopes. Radiation use application forms are available from the EH&S webpage.

6.2 Qualifications

Faculty and staff members who are engaged as Principal Investigators and/or have significant responsibility for administrative, medical, academic or experimental functions involving radioactive materials/radiation, and who can fulfill the requirements in section 2.2.4 of this Radiation Safety Manual, may apply for a RUA.

6.3 Responsibilities and Requirements of Authorized Users

The Authorized User is responsible for the safe use of the radiation source(s), and STRICT compliance with the contents of this manual, the provisions and requirements of NAC 459, and the university radioactive materials license. He/she must insure that all persons working under his/her supervision have received proper training and are aware of the radiation hazards associated with their activities. The Authorized User must also ensure that these persons observe the guidelines and procedures set forth in the UNR Radiation Safety Manual and the Laboratory Animal Medicine Department.

6.4 Required Information

  1. Name of Principal Investigator, or Program Director, his/her department and telephone number.
  2. Applicant's radiation training and experience.
  3. Nature of source of ionizing radiation.
  4. Isotope(s), amount(s), and form(s) proposed for the experiment or project. This information will be reviewed by the RSO to ensure that the University does not exceed the quantity specified in the UNR license. If the amount desired will cause the University to exceed the amount specified in the UNR radioactive material license a request for a license amendment will have to be made to the State in order to proceed with the authorization. This will lengthen the time to approve the RUA.
  5. General nature of the experimental or teaching protocols and gross hazard evaluation of the experiment or project.
  6. Anticipated radiation levels and release of radioactive material to the laboratory/natural environment.
  7. Proposed monitoring instruments/procedures to be used. If in doubt, contact the RSO for recommendations for monitoring instrumentation.
  8. Proposed radioactive waste handling/disposal protocols.
  9. Location: building name, room number, department in which radioactive materials will be used.
  10. Ventilation: Hoods, glove boxes/or similar devices. Indicate air handling capacities, filters (if any), etc.
  11. Radiological protection equipment to be used: e.g., shielding, waste receptacles, trays, absorbent paper, remote-manipulators, etc.
  12. Building plan for proposed use location (partial): drawings (plan view)showing hood and exhaust run location, lab bench and sink locations, adjacent rooms, exterior wall(s), hallways and windows, ceiling height, floor and wall construction shall be stated.
  13. Occupancy of area: Does the area require access restrictions? If so, list the occupancy of any other personnel working in the same area and in any adjacent rooms and hallways (above and below also).
  14. Written department chair approval to apply for the use of radioactive materials.

6.5 Approval of the RUA Application

Completed applications shall be submitted to the Radiation Safety Officer for review and approval by the RSC.

It is recognized that "Exempt" quantities of radioisotopes can be obtained without a specific license. However, in order to keep an accurate radioisotope inventory (as required by regulations) and to review any proposed uses of ionizing radiation at UNR, it is required that an RUA be approved prior to any purchases of "Exempt" quantity of radioactive materials (i.e., check sources, etc.).

7.0 Procedure to Obtain Classroom Use Authorization (CUA)